Foreign Language Teaching and Development of Language skills :A Pakistani Perspective

  • Dr. Syeda Naureen Mumtaz Assistant Professor , University of Education Lahore
  • Dr.Uzma Quraishi Vice Chancellor Multan Women University, Multan



The study was attempted to explore as to what extent English language teaching in Pakistan has been able to develop language skills among the target learners. The researcher intended to evaluate the limit to which the textbook helps in generating competence of all four integrated skills, especially as laid down in the standards of the National Curriculum (2006).  The purpose of this study was to create pragmatic awareness among learners, teachers and educational professionals, working in the field of English as Foreign Language. By method , it was a qualitative study, semi-structured interviews and focus group discussions were the tools used to elicit the data. The participants of this research were selected from public sector schools and organizations including, teachers, policymakers, curriculum developers, subject specialists, and students to examine the effectiveness of grade VIII’s English language textbook on students’ performance . For data analysis themes were developed, coded and summarized in a descriptive mode. The findings of this study reflected that the relevant textbook does not cater to the target learners’ future academic and professional language needs. As a solution to the problems while teaching and learning English as foreign language in Pakistan; this study also offered a model to be followed by the policy makers and practitioners in order to make the existing English language textbook more effectives in terms of foreign language teaching and learning and language skill development.

Key Words:   Foreign language acquisition, Language skills, National Curriculum( 2006)

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Mumtaz, D. S. N., & Quraishi, D. (2021). Foreign Language Teaching and Development of Language skills :A Pakistani Perspective . Journal of Arts & Social Sciences , 8(1), 83-92.